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Benefits of apprenticeships in 2019

Benefits of apprenticeships in 2019

In 2019, apprenticeships and work placements are becoming one of the most popular choices for young people and employers as part of their career journey into full-time work.

But what are some of the benefits of applying for an apprenticeship, and how does it compare to other forms of education, such as college or university?

For many apprentices across the country, their apprenticeship is a chance to gain hands-on, physical experience in a field with great promise for their future. Minimising the amount of time spent in a classroom and maximising the vocational skills learnt, apprenticeships and placements can help students to gain experience faster, preparing them for full-time employment. From labour and construction based courses to midwifery and creative arts, the interactive elements of an apprenticeship are ideal for those students who struggle to learn effectively in theoretical environments – making them a popular choice for many young people in 2019.

With unemployment rates on the rise and the cost of living to increase, an apprenticeship is also a benefit to those who want to begin work and gain important qualifications whilst earning. The concept of ‘earn while you learn’ is one of the biggest appeals of apprenticeships to students and young people, who would typically have to balance a full or part-time job alongside intensive studies. Combining the two and allowing those who want to start work straight out of school to continue growing their education and knowledge base is vital to expanding a qualified workforce for the future.


Apprenticeships also have a key place in terms of personal development for young people and young learners. Removing the restrictions of a classroom environment, a vocational apprenticeship can help students can become independent, self-reliant and confident – boosting their abilities as well as their own self-belief in the skills they possess. Through one-on-one tutoring with experienced mentors, they can learn to build important professional relationships and work with a team to complete projects in real-life scenarios.

One of the most important benefits of an apprenticeship in 2019 is the improved employability of an apprentice after they complete their training. The rise of digital media is continuously introducing new hard and soft skills into traditional job roles, making it harder for young people to successfully apply for unique positions. With all of the skills that an apprenticeship introduces to a CV, those candidates who have achieved real-time experience and hands-on practice in their field are more likely to gain important roles and improve their overall employability.

Apprenticeships are a growing trend for the learners and workers of 2019 and often come with a significant number of unexpected benefits for young people in the UK. An essential option for school-leavers and for those looking to gain vital vocational skills, the introduction of apprenticeships as a viable career option is definitely a smart move in today’s modern society.

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