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CEATA Training Academy is a fully accredited training and assessment centre.

CEATA Centre Number: C001015.

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EAL Accredited Welding and Fabrication Training

The CEATA Training Academy is an EAL Ltd accredited welding and fabrication training centre, which has been established by Canal Engineering Ltd at their manufacturing site in Nottingham, NG7.

In the engineering industry it is vital for a person to be correctly trained, managed and utilised so that their skill acquisition fits the needs of a demanding business yet meets the requirements of government guidelines in respect of achieving the right qualifications.

A Welding and Fabrication Engineering Career

The CEATA Training Academy is open to:

  • Unemployed people looking to start a new career
  • Commercial Training; companies can up-skill their employees to the latest British Standards
  • Private Training; for individuals who have an interest in welding or need assistance with a specific fabrication and welding project.


A Sneak Peek Inside The CEATA Facilities


FOR THE EMPLOYER  |  Recruitment Trouble?  Let CEATA Help..!

If you are having recruitment trouble and you cannot find employees with the right attitude, skills and qualities for your business, CEATA can help.

Every 7 weeks at The Academy a trained group of people complete their Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Welding & Metalwork Fabrication, boasting specialist skills in MIG / MAGS welding.

These groups are available to work for you immediately and have the ability to work with minimum or zero supervision.

CEATA is NOT a recruitment agency. This means zero fees are attached to the recruitment process from our Training Academy. If you would like to recruit from CEATA, tell us your job requirements and CEATA will match their best students to it.

There is ongoing funding available to further their training with CEATA, which will can be discussed during your recruitment consultation.


Canal Engineering Ltd

Canal Engineering Ltd has a highly skilled workforce performing stainless steel welding and fabrications and other manufacturing operations every day.

Students of The Training Academy will benefit from real demonstrations to enhance their learning during their chosen training course.

In addition to the technical drawing course, getting to know the British standards, and other engineering qualifications on offer, each student gains the extra valuable experience of working in a real engineering environment instead of a college or workshop simulation.


Completed a Course at the Academy?

If you have recently completed a course at the Training Academy, CEATA would love to hear from you!

Please write CEATA a review on the CEATA Facebook Page and complete the interactive course feedback form below. 

Save the PDF to your PC, fill out the form, save and send via email to Karen Hodgson.

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Canal Engineering Ltd, Lenton Lane, Nottingham, NG7 2PQ

Tel: 0115 986 6321