For the Student


Are you looking to broaden your horizon and start on the path towards an engineering career?

Starting at The CEATA Training Academy will equip you with the necessary knowledge, skills and experience required to then begin an apprenticeship at one of the leading engineering companies in the UK.

Training Courses

Whether you are starting out from the beginning or you would like to further your welding and fabrication skills, CEATA offers a range of courses to suit your current ability.

Browse the current training courses available and apply online.

If you require help deciding which course is best for your current ability, please contact Karen Hodgson on 0115 986 6321 or email

What Happens Once I Am Qualified?

Our engineering apprenticeships in Nottingham will help you become a qualified welder and fabricator is one thing; helping you find your feet in the real world is the next.

The knowledgeable and well connected staff at CEATA will provide you with sound advice and offer you the support you need to take your first steps into your new career.

On some occasions, we may have employers already lined up to take on freshly trained students as apprentices who then get the opportunity to come back to the Academy and start their Intermediate and Advanced Apprenticeship Programme.

Call us Today

To discuss a training course, arrange a visit to the Academy and receive expert advice, please contact the CEATA Training Manager; you’ll be glad you did!

Call: 0115 986 6321 or Email Us

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