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Need Help with Recruitment?

If you are having trouble recruiting the right person for the job, CEATA can help you find the right person for your available position.

Every 7 weeks at our Training Academy, a group of students with the correct attitude, skill set and engineering knowledge complete their Level 2 Diploma in Welding and Metalwork Fabrication.

With specialist skills in MIG and MAGS welding, these qualified students are available for employment almost immediately and have the ability to work in a real engineering environment with minimum or zero supervision.

We Are Not an Agency

The CEATA Training Academy is not a recruitment agency.

We stress this because we do not charge any fees for a student to be employed. Our initiative is to get as many qualified students into employment and start them off towards a new career via the help of our engineering training programs.

If you would like to recruit from our pool of qualified students, please contact us with your job requirements and employment dates.

Further Training All Year Round

More flexible than your local college

The CEATA Training Academy is not a College and consequently works the same business weeks as you. This means we do not close up shop in the summer and are open all year round.

Your employee will utilise our state of the art facilities while working in a real engineering factory hosted at the Canal Engineering manufacturing facility in Nottingham.*

Once one of our students is employed, that doesn’t have to be the end of their development.

There is ongoing funding available at our Academy to further a students ability, skill set and knowledge base via our engineering training programs.

This also applies to your current employees that may require further training. There are a range of courses available to suit various skill levels within welding and fabrication.

For more information about post employment training options, please contact Karen Hodgson, CEATA General Manager; call her on 0115 986 6321 or email her at

*Please Note:

Although CEATA has been set up by Canal Engineering and is located at their manufacturing site – Canal Engineering is a separate operation.

They have zero intention of prising your employees, which are being trained at the Academy, for their own benefit.

An Employee Protection Agreement can be signed by both parties to put your mind at ease throughout the entire training programme.

Call us Today

To discuss a training course, arrange a visit to the Academy and receive expert advice, please contact the CEATA Training Manager; you’ll be glad you did!

Call: 0115 986 6321 or Email Us

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