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For the Employer

CEATA is a Nottingham-based engineering training academy dedicated to teaching the necessary skills for a career within the engineering sector.

We work with many different employers, offering a wide range of options that allow companies to benefit from our expertise. Whether you’re looking to hire an apprentice or struggling to recruit the perfect candidate for your engineering role, we can help.

Please view our latest CEATA-newsletter regarding our apprenticeships.

Qualified students are looking for roles

Every 6 weeks, a group of students with the right attitude, skill set and engineering knowledge complete their Level 2 Diploma in Performing Manufacturing Operations at our training academy.

With specialist skills in MIG welding, they are available for employment almost immediately. Our qualified students have the ability to work in a real engineering environment with minimum or zero supervision and have a proven track record of reliability and good timekeeping.

If you would like to recruit from our pool of qualified students, please contact us with your job requirements and employment dates.

Engineering recruitment with businesses in mind

CEATA is not a college, which means that we work the same business weeks as you. We don’t close over the summer, allowing businesses to benefit from our training courses all year round.

We also like to stress that we are not a recruitment agency. CEATA don’t charge any fees to place a student into employment with you. Our goal is to get as many qualified students into employment as possible to further their career in engineering, so we’re more than happy to help.

Upskill your staff

We can train your current employees to ensure that they have the required skills to thrive in their role. There is a range of courses available within welding and fabrication to suit various levels of ability. Many of these courses are suitable to upskill your workforce by building on existing knowledge.

Apprenticeships are also a great way to recruit and train new people into your business. CEATA offers apprentice recruitment and training to many local employers already. This experience means that we can help you to set up an apprenticeship scheme from scratch. Talk to us for a new perspective on apprenticeships and how they can ensure sustainable skills for the future.

Since the introduction of apprenticeships at our parent company, Canal Engineering, we have reduced the average age of staff in the production areas from 55 to 32 in just 5 years. Current and former apprentices make up almost 50% of production staff at Canal Engineering.

Please note that although CEATA is a division of Canal Engineering, we do not share apprentice details outside of CEATA.

Train with CEATA

For more information about apprenticeships and other training options for your employees, please contact CEATA’s General Manager Karen Hodgson on 0115 986 6321 or email her at ceata@canalengineering.co.uk. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you to discuss your needs.

Call us Today

To discuss a training course, arrange a visit to the Academy and receive expert advice, please contact the CEATA Training Manager; you’ll be glad you did!

Call: 0115 986 6321 or Email Us

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