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5 reasons to start a career in engineering

5 reasons to start a career in engineering

As a young person in the modern world deciding what career path you choose is a difficult option, with thousands of choices and mixed messages from people in your life on what is best for you, it becomes very hard to decide what career route you should take. Pursuing a career in engineering has a number of advantages, we have highlighted 5 of them to give you an insight into why you should start a career in engineering.

Engineers Are in High Demand – The modern job market is extremely competitive with many university graduates not being able to get a job in their chosen career field. Being a trained engineer not only gives you a headstart with vital work experience it also gives you a range of future career opportunities in the field you are both trained and want to work in.

Travel the world – Engineers are not just in high demand in the United Kingdom but also across the world. Not only do U.K. companies win a lot of contracts abroad meaning you can travel with work, being a fully qualified engineer gives you the skills to be able to work in any country you want.

Transferable skills – Transferable skills are one of the most sought after abilities for employers. Engineering gives you the ability to solve highly complex problems that is a useful ability for a range of industries. You will also gain project management, teamwork, communication and logical thinking skills that will make you an asset to any company.

Good career advancements – After gaining work experience and skills one of the main benefits to an engineering career is the possibility of future career advancements. Engineering is a lucrative career path alongside the financial gain, there are solid job security and the potential for promotions in the field of engineering.

Change the world – One of the main benefits of pursuing an engineering career is the justification that you are having a positive impact on the world. At the end of the working day, many engineers have a proud sense of achievement of the work they have done. As you become more experienced in the field of engineering you will begin to work on bigger projects that shape the world around you and benefit society.


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