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Shane McVey

Shane McVey

The knowledge and one-to-one tuition is second to none, I couldn't have asked for a better tutor than Gary...

Qualification: Coded Welded BS 4872 Part 1

Shane has worked for TMC (Leicester) Ltd for the past 3 years in the general construction of building and civil engineering.

Whilst working at TMC, Shane has come across construction tasks that he was not qualified to perform due to legislation but were a necessity to complete the project. This meant Shane had to call in a qualified employee each time.

Tony Martin, Managing Director at TMC Ltd, has recognised the importance of a qualified employee workforce.

Tony noticed the potential in Shane and paid for him to attend the CEATA Training Academy to complete the necessary courses.

CEATA has now successfully trained Shane on three courses; coded welding to BS 4872 part 1, manual metal arc welding, and vertical t-fillet welding.

With his new qualifications in hand, Shane now has the knowledge and skills to complete the necessary tasks on site without any assistance.

Although finding the course demanding, Shane explained that he kept focused and using the one-to-one training with Gary Gwynne, overcame any obstacles that he found difficult.

Now back at TMC Ltd, Shane is using his new found skills to create more working opportunities for himself.

With his recognised qualifications, Shane is looking forward to working on larger future projects and increasing his experience in construction and welding.

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