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Level 3 Engineering Technician

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4th June 2018

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Engineering Technician Apprenticeship Level 3  

Apprenticeship Standard: Engineering Technician – Machinist (Route 9).

Duration: 36 – 48 months.

Entry Requirements: 4 GCSEs at grade C/4 or above to include English and Maths or suitable level 2 qualifications and work experience.

What are Apprenticeship Standards?

As part of the government reforms to apprenticeships new ‘standards’ are being developed and the old style framework are being withdrawn, as in the case of Engineering Technician roles. Apprenticeship standards describe the occupational profile (job description) linked to the knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSBs) that bring full competence in a particular occupation. They describe how an apprentice can demonstrate mastery of this occupation by the end of the apprenticeship. For this standard which has been developed by employers apprentices must complete the full list of qualifications as set out below and also the new End Point Assessment to achieve the Apprenticeship.

The main changes include more closely linked assessment to actual work and employers agreeing the quality of work the apprentice produces; this one standard covers both level 2 and 3. The biggest change is the introduction of the End Point Assessment which involves the employer and includes an independent assessment of the apprentice once all the qualifications have been achieved. The timescales and costs of the standard are not dissimilar to those of the old
system when combined. There is a mandatory requirement that all apprentices have 20% ‘off-the-job’ time to study which is covered by the attendance at CEATA for day release.

What is included in this Apprenticeship Standard?

Qualifications, all EAL (all are mandatory for the achievement of this apprenticeship standard):

• Level 2 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (Foundation Competence) 601/7179/0
• Level 2* Diploma in Machining (Foundation Knowledge) 601/9034/6
• Level 3 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (Development Competence) 603/1034/0
• Level 3* Diploma in Machining (Development Knowledge) 603/1033/9
• Maths and English at level 2
*these qualifications are graded – Pass/Merit/Distinction

End Point Assessment (EPA): this is available through EAL. The EPA includes:

• Employer led portfolio based Occupational Competence validation interview (Viva)
• Professional Competence Indicators Recording Form – completed by apprentice and reviewed by employer
• Independent assessment and verification of all elements of standard and includes assessment of behaviours.
• The EPA has 3 sections apprentices must successfully complete each section in full to progress forward to next
section (Gateways 1 & 2)

Additional Information

• Level 2 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (Foundation Competence) 601/7179/0.
Completion of 4 mandatory units plus 6 optional units.
• Level 2 Diploma in Machining (Foundation Knowledge) 601/9034/6. Completion of 5 mandatory units plus
2 optional units.
• Level 3 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (Development Competence) 603/1034/0.
Completion of 3 mandatory units and 5 optional units.
• Level 3 Diploma in Machining (Development Knowledge) 603/1033/9. Completion of 4 mandatory units
and 4 optional units.
• Non-levy paying employers – employers must contribute 10% towards the cost of the apprenticeship
having agreed the price with CEATA prior to the start of the programme – this payment can be staggered over
an agreed period of time. If the employer has less than 50 employees and the apprentice is aged 16 – 18 at
the start of the programme no employer contributions are payable.
• An additional payment of £1,000.00 is payable to employers who recruit an apprentice aged 16 – 18 at the
time of enrolment. This payment is paid in 2 equal payments after 90 days and 365 days in learning.
• Levy paying employers will use their levy funds to cover the full cost as agreed with CEATA prior to the start
of the programme. Should there be insufficient funds in the levy account the employer is required to pay
10% of each month’s cost until sufficient funds are in the levy account.
• The cost of any English and maths training is fully funded.
• The total price for the delivery and assessment is subject to unit choices and existing experience and
qualifications and agreed on an individual basis. This standard is funded at Band 15 – up to £27,000.00.
• The cost is calculated and agreed at the start of the apprenticeship and is fixed – the cost includes all of the
training, assessment, qualifications and EPA (The EPA cost with EAL is £1,700.00 – £2,700.00). Re-takes
may be an additional cost.

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