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Apprenticeships vs university – Why choose an apprenticeship

Apprenticeships vs university – Why choose an apprenticeship

Young learners often have a difficult decision to make once it’s time to leave the school system, the decision to go to university or continue education via an apprenticeship.

There is often an assumption that going to university is the best route to take and it will leave you in the best position to forward in your career. In the modern world, this is not the case with apprenticeships offering learners a fantastic opportunity to start a successful career. There are many reasons it is more beneficial to choose an apprenticeship over university which we will showcase below.

Qualifications just as good (normally more practical)

A traditional stigma attached to apprenticeships is that the qualifications are not as “good” as attaining a degree. This is definitely not the case as often qualifications you earn while completing an apprenticeship are directly related and useful in your chosen career. Often degrees are not practical to the working world and don’t directly lead to a career.

Real-life work experience

92% of apprentices feel like their apprenticeship positively improved their career prospects. The main reason for this was the real-life work experience. Learning theory and writing essays will give you some insight into industry life but nothing can beat hands-on experience. Apprenticeships will not only give you key work experience but allow you to build your network within an industry which can be extremely useful across your working life.

Never too late to go to university

Young people often panic into thinking the only time to go to university is in your late teens or early 20’s this is extremely untrue. It’s never too late to go to university. In fact, going to university after completing an apprenticeship is likely to be a better decision as you will be more career-focused and have more of an idea of what you would like to pursue, rather than doing a degree you are unsure on.

No debts

One of the main problems with the university system in the U.K. is the high amount of debt you are left with once finishing your course. This can be over £50,000 for some learners, although you don’t have to pay this off until you earn a certain amount (£25,725) as of April 2019. This will still take away from your hard-earned pay slips over the coming years. When you complete an apprenticeship what you earn is what you take home, you are left with no debts.

Career security

One of the main benefits of completing an apprenticeship is future career security. Building a network in your industry, having key work experience and industry-relevant qualifications will ensure you are at the top of the list for future jobs. It is also very common the company you complete your apprenticeship with will offer you a job role.

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