Nottingham City Council Apprenticeship Hub

CEATA is committed to providing a quality service and is registered with Nottingham City Council’s (NCC) Apprenticeship Hub. The Hub aims to match young people with appropriate employers and training.

NCC has secured a deal with the government, which includes investment for apprenticeship opportunities for local residents. Their objective is to generate 1,000 apprenticeship opportunities by March 2015 by:

  • Stimulating demand for apprenticeships from Nottingham based employers
  • Increasing awareness of apprenticeships amongst young people and parents
  • Supporting young people to develop the skills needed to meet employer demand
  • Ensuring the provider based operating in Nottingham is able to meet the needs of employers

CEATA offers Intermediate Apprenticeship Programmes for employers to train their Apprentices to the required accredited standard of fabrication and welding in both practical and theory.

Learn more about the Intermediate and Advanced Apprenticeship Programmes CEATA provides.


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